Scientific Validation Of Health Products By Accredited University Research Departments. Marketing And Promotional Video Services For The Health And Nutrition Industry.

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About Lifeshift Consultancy

Lifeshift Consultancy offers the Health And Nutrition Product Industry a range of services based on impartial guidance and sound scientific support from professional specialists.

We take a science-based approach to advising on selection, analysis and formulation of product ingredients which links with our ethical marketing and promotional expertise.

Enhanced Marketing Goals

Enhanced Marketing Goals

In order to develop a viable commercial strategy, many companies are now seeking to provide objective validation of their products through the development of scientific evidence.

Employing our proven expertise our clients are increasingly enabled to achieve their marketing objectives. Our unique consultation services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual clients.

Lifeshift Consulting

Our Unique Range of Skills And Services

Clinical Trials - Corporate Advisory Services - Chemical Laboratory Analysis - Product Selection And Formulation - Scientific Support - Media Based Product Endorsements.

Our unique expertise means we are able to offer a wide range of both corporate and scientific services.

Lifeshift Consultancy provides clients with clinical trials and chemical laboratory analyses of health and nutrition products.

Clinicial Trials

Clinical Trials And Laboratory Analysis

Through our affiliated network of authoritative research institutions and leading University Research Departments, we are able to conduct clinical trials and carry out comprehensive scientific laboratory analyses of health products.

We are able to determine the quality, efficacy and safety of health products, thus enabling our clients to benefit from legitimate scientific validation of otherwise unsubstantiated claims.

Promotional Video Production

Promotional Video Endorsements

Lifeshift provides successful clients with the privilege of written, oral and promotional video endorsements of health products, thus enabling them to benefit from professional scientific authorisation.

Our professional team of nutritional consultants offers clients the unique benefits of personal sales endorsements for their approved products, through a selection of media based promotional services, including website and video presentations.

Product Formulation

Corporate Advice, Product Formulation & Scientific Support

In addition to conducting clinical trials and scientific laboratory evaluation of health products, we offer our clients a corporate advisory service and ongoing scientific support.

This enables us to engage in product selection and formulation procedures, which are fully corroborated by scientific evidence.

Seal of Approval

Official Lifeshift Certification Of Approval

Clients with successfully approved products are provided with an authorised Lifeshift Seal Of Authentication.

This demonstrates the credibility of such products - which have been scientifically tested and proven to meet with all of the, otherwise uncorroborated, manufacturer's promotional and marketing claims.

Scientific Validation

Scientific Validation Of Health Products As An Essential Marketing Strategy To Promote Commercial Viability

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that non-communicable diseases are now the leading cause of death worldwide.

This rise in lifestyle-related health issues has led to the increasing supply and consumption of health products, which often lack any scientific proof of efficacy and safety.

For example, the increasing number of new ‘over the counter’ diet and weight loss supplements now readily available has seen many people turning to these 'sedentary' remedies - hoping to lose weight and regain health while continuing to live unhealthy lifestyles!

However, these slimming products often make claims that are not substantiated by any clinical or scientific evidence. While there is reasonable evidence of efficacy for some diet/weight loss agents, most have never been subjected to scientific evaluation.

In fact, in the case of most herbal weight loss supplements, there is little or no evidence that a sustained reduction in body weight can be achieved in the absence of overall dietary management and increased physical activity.

As a result, we have seen recent legislative measures aimed at curtailing the promotion, sale and use of such products.

Consequently, many companies have since responded with an increasing desire to provide objective, scientific authentication of health products, in order to strengthen commercial credibility and enhance their marketing campaigns.

Through our network of authoritative research institutions and leading University Nutritional Research Departments we can evaluate the quality, efficacy and safety of health products, and thus support the validity of otherwise unproven claims.

We are also able to supply our clients with written, oral and visual endorsement of approved products, thus enabling them to benefit further from professional scientific authorisation. Our consultation services are designed to meet the specific needs of each client, thus assisting them to achieve their marketing goals.