Scientific Research And Development - Chemical Laboratory Analysis And Clinical Trials Determining The Quality, Efficacy And Safety Of Health And Nutrition Products.

Scientific Research

Scientific Research

The Health Product Industry can no longer afford to view scientific research and development as an optional consideration to be included or excluded from their marketing strategy.

In fact, most health product manufacturers and suppliers have now chosen to incorporate scientific expertise as an indispensable determinant in the selection, formulation, verification and subsequent commercial success of their products.

As the increasing incidence of lifestyle-related (non-communicable) diseases continues to affect the health of millions worldwide, so the demand, production, sale and consumption of ever more varieties of health supplements and products has increased accordingly.

This in turn, has led to more stringent legislative measures recently being enforced by regulative authorities, aiming to prohibit or limit the supply and usage of such products - unless scientifically verified.

Health product manufacturers have responded by seeking to establish scientific validation of their product claims - which has now become an essential tool for their marketing campaigns.

All scientific research undertaken by Lifeshift is carried out by accredited international University Research Departments and established research institutions in strict compliance with statutory regulations and guidelines.

This confirms that all health products which are analysed and tested by Lifeshift Consultancy are assured of authorized scientific authentication.