Lifeshift Services Include Nutritional Laboratory Analysis, Corporate Advisory Services, Clinical Trials, Product Selection And Formulation, Media Based Product Endorsements And Scientific Support

Lifeshift Consultancy Services

In addition to conducting clinical trials and scientific laboratory analyses of health products, we also provide our clients with corporate advice and scientific support as required. This enables us to engage in product selection and formulation procedures, which are fully corroborated by scientific evidence.

Our team of specialist consultants are also able to provide clients with the unique benefits of personal sales endorsements for their approved products, through a selection of media based promotional services, including website and video presentations.

Kindly note, our endorsement services are offered exclusively to clients whose products are able to satisfy the approval requirements of Lifeshift Consultancy.

Our unique range of services are designed to benefit both manufacturers and consumers of health products:

Corporate Advisory Services

We assist our clients to achieve their marketing objectives with our proven corporate and promotional expertise

Media Based Product Endorsements

We provide our clients with Multimedia Based Endorsement Of Approved Products - enhancing their promotional and marketing strategy

Clinical Trials

We conduct Clinical Trials, enabling our clients to demonstrate quality, efficacy and safety of health products by scientific corroboration

Nutritional And Chemical Laboratory Analysis

We provide our clients with Multi-Media Based Endorsement Of Approved Products - enhancing their promotional and marketing strategy

Product Selection And Formulation

We assist clients with product formulation and selection, based upon established scientific evidence and our corporate expertise

Scientific Support

We offer our clients the benefits of a scientific support service, providing them with the assurance of objective scientific authorisation

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Electronic Cigarettes "If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive todayā€¯ "Electronic cigarettes and other nicotine-containing devices offer massive potential to improve public health, by providing smokers with a much safer alternative to tobacco. They need to be widely available, and affordable to smokers." "However, it is also important that these products provide nicotine as safely and reliably as possible, and are marketed and sold responsibly. These proposals provide those safeguards in a framework of permissive regulation that affords plenty of time for manufacturers to comply. This is a pragmatic yet radical approach that could spare millions of smokers from premature death." Professor John Britton Chair of the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group